Darke County Visitor's Bureau

Darke County Visitor’s Bureau

Darke County, Ohio had been promoting their destination through their rich history for decades. Greenville, the county seat, was the location of the Treaty of Greenville, the birthplace of Annie Oakley and the place where the great Shawnee Chief Tecumseh lived, resisted and rose to legendary status. While their history was indeed rich, it did very little to attract a large number of overnight visitors to their county. The demographic it did attract was older and did not tend to spend dollars at restaurants or retailers while they were in the area. Darke County Visitor’s Bureau approached HANDSHOE with a desire to shift the perception of their county from a “historic travel destination” to a place that attracted young adults, families and those who were searching for a fun weekend getaway. Their goal: To increase the number of overnight stays, reduce the average age of the target consumer and create a story that promoted ALL of what Darke County had to offer as a multi-destination experience.

HANDSHOE created a new, fresh and youthful brand presence for Darke County, wrapped around the story of the destination’s “flavor.” Darke County is one of the largest agricultural producers in the country, growing the food that feeds America. Star chefs have been born there. KitchenAid stand mixers are manufactured there. In the past few years, their restaurants and food producing destinations have been voted “Best of Ohio.” We’re inviting visitors to “Taste the Darke County Flavors,” in all of its delicious forms.

This project is still in development. HANDSHOE has completed the initial brand identity and core messaging. *The current visitor’s bureau website was not developed by HANDSHOE. Advertising services and a redesign of DCVB’s web presence is being added to their 2018 budget.

Darke County Visitor’s Bureau

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Darke County Visitor's BureauDarke County Visitor's Bureau
Darke County Visitor's Bureau