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After the first year of business, Handshoe was ready for an internal project that gave back to the community. We knew we wanted to focus on positive change and create a product that not only promoted us as a business, but offered a percentage of proceeds to the charities we cared about. Most importantly, we wanted to create a message with impact; a story that had legs and could affect people both emotionally and monetarily for the better.

Creative Director, Tiffany Bachman, created a logotype that joined the year (2010) and the word “love” in a simplistic, clever manner that could be read two ways. Our message was to… “Start now. Begin showing love and positive change in your life and others’ lives starting this year.” Within two weeks, we applied the logotype to organic t-shirts, in all sizes, and created a shop on Etsy, a website, and press kit.

In one year, we sold over 2,000 2010love t-shirts to good people all over the world. Families, office teams, new babies and student groups were sporting the shirts and committing to making a positive change in their lives or the lives of others. The project was also highlighted in the 2010 Self-Promo Annual of HOW Magazine, a prestigious design publication, issued to thousands. Handshoe continued the project with a hand-made necklace design imprinted with the 2010love tagline: Love What Matters, in partnership with Heart & Stone Jewelry.

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2010love, Handshoe Design2010love, 2010, love, Handshoe Design, HOW Magazine