We clarify your vision. We tell your story.
We create your authentic brand.

Handshoe is a strategic brand + design consultancy that connects human beings through communication. Our work connects customers with businesses, people with causes, and big ideas with those who will drive them forward to make the world a better place.

Be yourself. Everyone else is taken. — Oscar Wilde


We believe in being who you are. We don’t deal with fake, and can spot it a mile away. So, we get to know the real you: your reasons, your doubts, your dreams, your history. We dig deep and uncover Your Why. It gets personal. There are times you might feel uncomfortable. (Yeah, we said it.) But, our process clarifies your vision, zeros in on your consumer and ultimately, creates the foundation of your authentic brand identity.

Design is how the world sees your company, service or product. It is not mere decoration. It is a plan, an intention, the vessel for your story. We know that even the most brilliant offering or service may never reach your consumer without meaningful design that impacts their senses and connects to their emotions. Design plays a vital role in the success of your brand communication. Our award-winning design team creates identities, collateral, campaigns and social media marketing that is courageous, creative and on-point.

A brand is not only your logo, tagline and colors. A brand is how your consumers experience and perceive your company, service or product. Your brand is the feeling they get when they think about you and the value you deliver. This “brand perception” is what we develop through research, strategic planning, design and strong storytelling. A strong brand story captures the attention of your consumers, connects and communicates your purpose and creates a loyal following that believes in you, more than anyone else.